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Bornholms Beskyttere

Bornholm’s Protectors is a family activity that takes you around 12 exciting places on the island. Some of them are known places, while others are hidden treasures. On your journey, you follow Ellen, the Princess of the Underground, and her search for the missing spells that protect Bornholm. The spells are closely linked to stories from each of the 12 locations.

This eventful history-based tour has been developed by Bornholm Medieval Center. Bornholm Medieval Center is a common name for a number of activities: the large open-air museum in Ă˜sterlars, a wide selection of guided tours of Hammershus, tours of Ă˜sterlars Rundkirke and an extensive school service.

When you arrive at a location on the trip, Ellen will ask you a simple question. You can find the answer in your surroundings. That way we can be sure that you have arrived at the right place. When you have answered correctly, Ellen tells you a short story from the past. Listen carefully! For the story contains clues to complete the spells that Ellen has forgotten. By helping Ellen to restore the spells in all 12 places, you have earned the title of Bornholm’s Protector!


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