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ARTwalk Port Talbot

This app guides you around the street art highlights of Port Talbot in South Wales. Including graffiti and stencil art by Banksy, two Legomen by Ame72, various pieces by local legend Rarebit and a number of new artworks commissioned for ARTwalk.

Starting with “Season’s Greetings” by Banksy opposite the train station, the ARTwalk is approximately 2 miles long and should take 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace. The interactive map will guide you from artwork to artwork around the town. There are approximately 15 walls to enjoy including fantastic street art from the following: Accent, Ame72, Amelia Unity, Banksy, Bimms, Hazard One, Lloyd the Graffiti, Mike22inks, Rarebit and Son of Ken (Sok).

The app features photos, videos and audio commentary to accompany the rich landscape of street art and artists currently painting in Port Talbot.


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