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ARTISANworks is a self-funded nonprofit arts organization. This means we have no help from the government to run our museum so we thrive on events, memberships, donations, artwork purchases, and our art lease program. Founder, Louis Perticone and Co-Founder, Kimberly Trenholm started ARTISANworks over 20 years ago! Since then we have expanded our building to over 50,000 square feet. Our mission is to be a place where people experience creativity and inspiration. Stepping into ARTISANworks transcends you into a place you have never seen before with antiques, art, and collectibles from floor to ceiling. Scattered around the museum you will see the artwork of many local artists including, Ross Rider, Martine Lepore, April Laragy Stein, and Richard Quataert, following a long list of many others!


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