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Brattleboro Words Trail

The Brattleboro Words Trail leads listeners on an exciting exploration of the people and places that make it America’s most storied small town.

From Abenakis who first lived here to the Nobel Laureates who made it their home, the Brattleboro Words Trail unlock the secrets of America’s most storied small town. Audio stories and maps guide listeners through a treasure trove of tales told by local artists, writers and students, an array of voices illuminates the rich past of writing, printing, publishing and ‘words’ embedded in the rivers, mountains, streets and buildings. Visitors can savor the rich and varied language of this ‘Gateway to Vermont’ where stories unfold as you listen.

From Abenakis to Nobel Laureates, Brattleboro’s legacy of printing, publishing, writing and ‘firsts’ makes exploring this vibrant, creative hub fun for all ages. Walk, bike or drive to scores of destinations then listen to the voices and stories that make the landscape come alive.


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