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"Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis"

This app and media-rich tour guide were created by artist Anthony Hawley for his exhibition “Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis”, a five-day multimedia art installation that combines sculpture, performance, video projections, as well as audio narratives and text. The tour experience in this app provides GPS-triggered content, souvenir images and more!

“Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis” is a five-night multi-media installation that follows the story of a stranded car and its passenger. Over the course of the five nights it becomes increasingly unclear where or when this passenger and his car have come from. What does become clear however is that “normal” attempts to repair and fix the car will not suffice.

The word “Fehlerdiagnose” is German for “fault diagnosis,” the self-servicing diagnostic sections of most car-owner manuals that present allegedly “simple” repair operations. These sections provide logical approaches to trouble-shooting malfunctions and presuppose a certain infallibility of instructional language. “Fehlerdiagnose,” on the other hand, is as much about “un-fixing” as it is fixing. Consisting of video projections, an audio tour guide, and a 1985 Nissan Pulsar NX among other things “Fehlerdiagnose” considers what happens when instructions and guides fail us and what becomes of us in those moments. It asks how we interpret events and information to which we arrive too early or too late and what is lost and gained in translation.

Each night viewers experience the car in a different state, in a different set of circumstances at a slightly different location. Nightly audio guides describe objects and events visible and invisible, things happening before our eyes and things that may or may not have happened.

Wedged comfortably between fact and fiction, this strange tour provides listeners with both a puzzle and a record. Characters enter and exit the stage as the car and passenger pass through various phases of repair and disrepair. Some of these personae appear in the flesh while others inhabit the car or parts of it via ghostly projections. During the final night, the car as such disappears and is replaced with a 9-channel video projection whose function at first seems to be that of a manual aiding the stranded traveler, but is revealed later to be a meditation on how we construct language and story.

“Fehlerdiagnose/Fault Diagnosis” will take place at Countercurrent Festival in partnership with the Menil Collection
and Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX, April 12-17, 2016!!
We hope you can join us for this exciting experience!

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