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Welcome to New Orleans. I am New Orleans Voodoo Queen, Bloody Mary, and your spirit guide to the other side of my home town. My bloodline has been here for 300 years. I used to joke about being related to half the ghosts in town, and as time went on I found out I actually was.. New Orleans has been considered America’s most haunted city long before paranormal was as popular as it is today. remember we weren’t always American but we do still have some of that old world charm.

Break through the mirror to the other side with Bloody Mary. Join our Voodoo Queen of New Orleans and get ready for Haunted New Orleans to come alive. Let’s virtually tour her notorious Haunted Museum and then look a bit beyond to explore her haunted hometown! Come do some voodoo paranormal with your famous spirit guide summons the supernatural and even helps you connect. Bloody Mary is a professional psychic medium, ghost hunter, author and storyteller as well as a 25 year long veteran tour company owner from her haunted home town. She brings your rich detail from her Voodoo city where her bloodline runs 300 years deep. Peek behind the scenes with her enchanting monologue, music and otherworldly visuals. You have seen her in over 200 TV shows worldwide about the other side of her home town spirits, including Ghost adventures, Buzzfeed unsolved, American Supernatural, Paranormal Lockdown and more …. Come tour her favorite haunts and inside the Haunted Museum with your spirit guide, Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary now and when you visit in the flesh we even apply your app fee to our city and cemetery tours or ghost hunts. Let me unlock the secrets and help you connect to the spirt world from your own home.


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