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Westport House

Welcome to Westport House where we hope to transport you back in time to tell you the story of this stunning, family owned historic home. You will not only learn about the architecture, antiques and artefacts but you’ll also learn about the fascinating people behind this house. This house has some story to tell….so, shall we get on with it?

Over the next 30 minutes or so, you can delight in all this historic home has to offer. There are 30 rooms open to the public, with 6 fascinating exhibitions to captivate your imagination and lots of stories to explore at your leisure.

The audio guide can be paused as needed and will commence from the pause point.

There are 14 chapters to enjoy and it is possible to repeat a chapter if you so wish. We also have a Visitor Guide Book for sale at reception, for further reference and reading or simply stop and ask one of our team.


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