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African American History Tours

The Washington, DC “African American History Tours” app was produced by Capitol Entertainment Services, Inc., a retired DC tour bus company. For over 40 tears, Capitol Entertainment Services, Inc. provided high quality bus tours for the millions of visitors to the nation’s capital. Giving visitors professional sightseeing tours conducted by licensed professional tour guides over the years has enabled Capitol Entertainment Services, Inc. to produce a GPS tour guide app that will let you tour Washington, DC from the convenience of your car or home.

Take a driving or walking tour of Washington, D.C. using the “African American History Tours” app and experience a self-guided tour of the national monuments and memorials and many other historic tourist attractions highlighting African American History. The Washington, DC “African American History Tours” app includes the historical overview of Washington, DC African American history and 21 African American history tour audios and videos.

Tour Operating Instructions:
Select and click the tour site and once you are at the tour site, the audio will automatically play to give you an immersive experience at each point of interest to describe what you are seeing and explain its history. The GPS enabled pins on the map allow you to get directions to each point of interest. Play the videos in the app to see more images and descriptions of each tour site.

App Operating Instructions:
1. To start the tour, press the “GPS” button at the bottom
2. To tour a particular tour site, select the tour site and press the “GPS” bottom at the bottom.
3. To get tour directions, press the “GPS” bottom at the bottom and then select “get directions”.

Your iPad or tablet must be cell data capable Or it must be a smart phone. WiFi only ipads will not work for the on-site gps tour.


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